Profesional Profile

As a senior software executive, I have 15+ years’ experience leading global technology functions and worldwide operations in matrixed organizational structures with distributed teams and culture. As a strategic, growth-focused engineer, I’ve also led all aspects of software product definition, development, validation, delivery, and support.

Throughout my career, I’ve been regarded as a problem solver, building and leading exemplary teams and organizations in fast-paced and challenging environments. As a strong team builder, motivator, and mentor, I am able to get the most out of every opportunity and person, resulting in successful cultures that attract, develop, and retain top performers.

In summary, I have a history of turning around less than optimal situations and equipping companies with a competitive advantage through technology innovation. By proactively identifying opportunities, I am able to consistently champion best practices that focus teams on cost reductions and efficiency increases. My combination of strategic and tactical talents has enabled me to achieve technology excellence and take businesses to the next level.

I welcome the opportunity to talk more about applying these skills to support your organization. You can reach me at or 310-717-5228.

Work Experience

2017 - 2019

Vice President - Engineering & Operations

Rambus Inc. | Sunnyvale, CA, San Francisco, CA; Glasgow, Scotland; Rotterdam, Netherlands

Most recently I’ve been leading Engineering and Operations across 3 acquisitions globally with a team of 80 direct/indirect reports. This role also entails leading the transformation from Enterprise Software to a SaaS/cloud model. As well, I oversee Product Management, Engineering, Operations, and worked with Sales on business development.

Successes include saving 30% on CapEx costs and increasing efficiency by reorganizing/establishing shared services for 3 product lines. I also turned around a struggling product division by implementing a plan to improve our team culture, curtail attrition, and retain talent.

2015 - 2017

Chief Technology Officer

Precision Discovery, Inc.

In this role, I led all technology teams, Product Development, IT, and Operations with a team of 35. This included expanding the company’s focus to include retail, SaaS-based solutions and pivoting our strategy without raising outside capital.

My strategic contributions included managing data centers, security, and disaster recovery, achieving 0 breaches and maintaining 99.9 uptime in data centers. Also notable, we improved performance of an eDiscovery tool, growing capacity 100% to ~2 petabytes and increasing performance 60%.

2013 - 2015

Vice President - Technology

Precision Discovery, Inc.

During this time, I reorganized our technology division into internal, business-critical software, and the new SaaS team developing the first SaaS retail service. This involved leading a team of 30 direct/indirect reports to develop and support products.

Ultimately we reduced redundant overhead 35% and standardized processes by rolling out PMO model with shared resources. Also, we decreased team utilization 30%, consolidated expertise, and reduced fragility by streamlining workflows and tools.

2008 - 2013

Managing Director - Software Development

Precision Discovery, Inc.

In 2008, I was recruited by Precision Discovery to rapidly restructure software development to better support LOB/workflow initiatives.

As a result, I helped us achieve profitability in 3 years by leading a team of 20 to innovate mission-critical tools and thus capture revenue from eDiscovery document processing.

2005 - 2008

Director - Software Engineering | Manager | Sr. Engineer

Earthlink, Inc.

Early in my career, I delivered a successful Agile cultural transformation, leading a team of 25 engineers, program managers, QA, and others. The culture shift amplified Earthlink’s ability to deliver high-quality products, reducing project cycle waste 25% and decreasing QE cycles 20%.

This involved championing best practices to improve development, testing, release cycles, and collaboration, and rolling out strategies such as code review, pair programming and others to ensure proper cross-training of legacy code.

Core Leadership Skills

Advanced, +15 Years

Executive Leadership 90%

  • Managing Director :: VP, Software Development :: VP, Engineering & Operations :: CTO.

Advanced, +15 Years

Technical Solutions 90%

  • Architecture :: Strategy :: Culture Development.

Advanced, +15 Years

Engineering Management 90%

  • Budgeting :: Compliance :: Team Building.

Core Technical Skills

Experienced, 4 Years

Html5, CSS3, Javascript 70%

  • MacFreelance :: Macware :: OS X Accounting & billing software, sold in Apple stores.

Expert, 6 Years

C# 90%

  • TotalAccess :: Earthlink :: Windows connection management suite.
  • DataEditor :: Precision Discovery :: Windows multi-gigabyte, workflow centric DAT editor.
  • InfoModeler :: Asymetrix :: Windows database modeler.

Advanced, 6 Years

Objective-C 80%

  • MacFreelance :: Macware :: OS X Accounting & billing software, sold in Apple stores.
  • NotaryAssist :: Lavaturtle :: OS X Notary bookkeeping & billing software.
  • Alberts Prodigy :: Alberts Organics :: iOS Organic produce nutrition & recipes.

Advanced, 12 Years

C & C++ 80%

  • SQLWindows :: Gupta :: Windows SQLBase 4GL application development suite.
  • Quest :: Gupta :: Windows SQLBase graphical query & reporting tool.
  • SQLTalk :: Gupta :: Windows SQLBase administration tool.
  • Procomm Plus :: Datastorm :: Windows.
  • Legato :: IBM/Microburst :: OS/2 & Windows.

Beginner, 1 Year

Swift 50%

  • Alberts Prodigy :: Alberts Organics :: iOS Organic produce nutrition & recipes.

Intermediate, 4 Years

6502, 68000, 8088 60%

  • Home Accountant :: Continental Software :: Apple Accounting software.
  • Procomm Plus :: Datastorm :: Windows communications & emulation suite.

Advanced, 10 Years

Java 80%

  • CrowdMarket :: CrowdMarket :: Android interpreter marketplace.
  • Alberts Prodigy :: Alberts Organics :: Android Organic produce nutrition & recipes.

12+ Years

Development IDE's
Visual Studio, xCode, Android Studio 90%

12+ Years

Source Control
TFS, Github, SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion 90%