Profesional Profile

I'm a technologist; a geek. I enjoy learning about new technology, new software languages, new patterns or methodologies. Throughout my career, I've sought out other like-minded individuals to collaborate with. In hiring, the presence of this 'passion' in a potential hire has always been essential, as creative software or hardware solutions demand dedicated and creative engineers.

As I've move up into management from 'hands-on' engineering, I've prided myself in effective team building - as any successful technology endeavor begins with the right individuals with the correct skills.

Work Experience

August 2015 - March 2017

Chief Technology Officer

Precision Discovery, Inc.

  • Helped negotiate lease equipment savings YOY averaging over 50% reduction from initial quote.
  • Introduced performance review system that contributed to 98% technical staff retention over ~9yrs.
  • Implemented ‘tiering / banding’ across the technology organization, normalizing positions, salaries and defining a growth path. This led to a 25% reduction in hiring expenses, while contributing to high technical staff retention.
  • Expanded the companies focus from internal, operational software to the definition and execution of a retail software initiative. Using the ‘lean startup’ model, an MVP (minimum viable product) was produced on schedule, without any additional funding. This was achieved through focusing priorities and optimizing our processes – allowing us to repurpose 30% of our technical resources.
  • Grew the capacity of our high performance, high capacity data center to keep pace with ‘big data’ eDiscovery opportunities. 2016 saw our overall capacity expand 100% to ~2 petabytes, performance improve 60%, with a YOY CAPEX increase of 40%. This was achieved while maintaining an ‘uptime’ of 99.8%.

August 2013 - August 2015

Vice President - Technology

Precision Discovery, Inc.

  • Reorganized the technology division, introducing shared technical resource teams. Following a ‘PMO’ model - the mandate of Product Management, Project Management, Technical Architect, Quality Engineering & Configuration Management expanded cross-company. This reduced the need for new staffing and redundant overhead by 35% while maximizing process standardization and utilization.
  • Optimized our eDiscovery operational workflow to reduce ‘fragility’ by 80%, while converting ‘high touch’ manual processes to machine time through software automation. This resulted in an overall throughput increase of 40%. This was achieved through a combination of software solutions and workflow optimizations.
  • Saved a data center migration project from failure, delays or cost overrun. Migration was completed with no unscheduled downtime.

June 2008 - August 2013

Managing Director - Software Development

Precision Discovery, Inc.

  • Restructured software development to better support operations (quick turn) and business workflow initiatives. Improved operational development turnaround by 50%, while preparing business workflow teams for agile methodologies.
  • Introduced project management, quality engineering and technical support teams, reducing project cost / time overrun by 15% while improving the quality and stability of deployed software.
  • Delivered a proprietary data transformation tool that helped secure a client engagement that has produced $10m billables annually for 8 years.
  • Delivered an assortment of business workflow tools, automating billing, case management and invoice review. Collectively, these software solutions reduced our monthly billing cycle by 10 days, while reducing invoicing errors by 40%.

October 2006 - June 2008

Managing Director - Software Development

Earthlink, Inc.

  • Introduced agile software development methodologies (pair programming, test driven development, sprints) to the client application teams, producing higher quality code (20% reduction in QE cycles) while achieving business critical knowledge transfer.
  • Expanded the working relationship and coordination between product management and client application development, reducing project cycle waste by 25%.
  • Delivered significant upgrades to TotalAccess - Earthlink’s client dialup application.

June 2006 - October 2006

Senior Engineer - Retail Development

Earthlink, Inc.

  • Contributed to a significant upgrade of TotalAccess – Earthlink’s client dialup application.

June 2004 - June 2006

Senior Architect - Client Team

EpicRealm, Inc.

  • Designed / implemented a Java / Swing based streaming media content delivery agent.

June 2001 - June 2004

Senior Architect - Database Technology

Asymetrix, Inc.

  • Designed / implemented a C++/Assembly database subsystem, significantly improving CRUD performance.

June 1998 - June 2001

Senior Architect - Communications Layer

Datastorm, Inc.

  • Designed / implemented a high performance ring buffer increasing throughput by 25%, eliminating buffer overrun.

June 1992 - June 1998

Senior Architect

Pretty Good Software

  • NotaryAssist - OS X notary accounting application developed for LavaTurtle Software.
  • MacFreelance - OS X small business accounting application developed for MacWare Inc.

January 1990 - June 1992

Development Manager - OS/2 Client Software

IBM / Microburst

  • Delivered Legato – IBM’s OS/2 integrated office application suite on time and on budget.
  • Produced an operational Windows version of Legato that consisted of 85% shared code.

Core Technical Skills

Experienced, 4 Years

Html5, CSS3, Javascript 70%

  • MacFreelance :: Macware :: OS X Accounting & billing software, sold in Apple stores.

Expert, 6 Years

C# 90%

  • TotalAccess :: Earthlink :: Windows connection management suite.
  • DataEditor :: Precision Discovery :: Windows multi-gigabyte, workflow centric DAT editor.
  • InfoModeler :: Asymetrix :: Windows database modeler.

Advanced, 6 Years

Objective-C 80%

  • MacFreelance :: Macware :: OS X Accounting & billing software, sold in Apple stores.
  • NotaryAssist :: Lavaturtle :: OS X Notary bookkeeping & billing software.
  • Alberts Prodigy :: Alberts Organics :: iOS Organic produce nutrition & recipes.

Advanced, 12 Years

C & C++ 80%

  • SQLWindows :: Gupta :: Windows SQLBase 4GL application development suite.
  • Quest :: Gupta :: Windows SQLBase graphical query & reporting tool.
  • SQLTalk :: Gupta :: Windows SQLBase administration tool.
  • Procomm Plus :: Datastorm :: Windows.
  • Legato :: IBM/Microburst :: OS/2 & Windows.

Beginner, 1 Year

Swift 50%

  • Alberts Prodigy :: Alberts Organics :: iOS Organic produce nutrition & recipes.

Intermediate, 4 Years

6502, 68000, 8088 60%

  • Home Accountant :: Continental Software :: Apple Accounting software.
  • Procomm Plus :: Datastorm :: Windows communications & emulation suite.

Advanced, 10 Years

Java 80%

  • CrowdMarket :: CrowdMarket :: Android interpreter marketplace.
  • Alberts Prodigy :: Alberts Organics :: Android Organic produce nutrition & recipes.

12+ Years

Development IDE's
Visual Studio, xCode, Android Studio 90%

12+ Years

Source Control
TFS, Github, SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion 90%